Carboxy Methylcellulose Sodium 0.5 % Ophthalmic Solution

Lubricates & Relieves Dry Eyes Protect from burning & irritation from extend exposure to the sun & the wind Release oxygen & water to aid eye functioning.


Carboxyl Methylcellulose Sodium 1 % Ophthalmic Solution Gel

  • Very effective to relieve dry, irritated eyes commonly caused by wind, sun, heating/air conditioning, computer use / reading and certain medications.
  • Keeps the eye moist, helps to protect the eye from injury and infection, and decreases symptoms of dry eyes such as burning, itching and feeling as if something is in the eye.


Polyethylene Glycol 400 & Propylene Glycol Ophthalmic Solution (0.4% & 0.3% w/v)

Ideal for patients suffering from Dry Eyes associated with Digital Eye Strain Overexposure to digital devices to Eye Strain, Blurred Vision and Dry Eyes


Sodium Hyaluronate 0.18% Ophthalmic Solution

Stabilizes pre-corneal tear film.
Allows recovery of goblet cells.
Entraps water, hydrates and lubricates the ocular surface.
Restores tear film and ocular surface homeostasis.
Improves ocular comfort and quality of life.

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